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The following is a list of papers, conferences and external lectures:

Bozward, D. & Rogers-Draycott, M.C. (2017) Value Creation Programmes: Lessons from an Early Stage Implementation. In: ISBE Conference 2017, 8th -9th November, Belfast.

Bozward, D. & Rogers-Draycott, M.C. (2017) Developing a Staged Competency Based Approach to Enterprise Creation. In: 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development, 31st August – 1st September, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Bozward, D. (2017) Generation Z: Communications & Engagement. [Lecture] Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce President’s Lecture Series, University of Worcester, Worcester, 9th March.

Bozward, D. (2017) What Does an Investor Want from a Startup? [Lecture] nor(DEV):con 2017, Norwich, 23rd to 25th February.

Bozward D. & Simmons E. (2016) Using Innovative open source approaches to delivery of enterprise education, IEEC, Liverpool, 7th – 9th September.

Bozward D. & Walton N., (2016) Educating Entrepreneurs with Open Source Material & the Business Model Canvas, Venturefest West Midlands, 23rd June.

Bozward D. (2016) SFEDI/IOEE Best Practice Event for the Enterprise Community [Lecture] University of Worcester, Worcester, 22nd June.

Bozward D. (2016) International Best Practice Enterprise Teaching Workshop, Tianjin Urban Construction Management Vocational Technology College, China, 3rd June.

Bozward D. (2016) The 4th China-EU Youth Policy Dialogue & Expert Seminar on Youth Issues – Approaches Youth Organisations Reach Young people, Suzhou, China, 31st May – 1st June, General Rapporteur

Bozward D. (2016) Social Enterprise. Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal, Volume 1, Issue SI-ETC, June http://launchideas.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/EEEJ-Issue-ETC-Special-Issue.pdf

Bozward D., Watts H. & Bell R. (2016) Educating Entrepreneurs with Open Source Material, Worcester, 22nd May.

Bozward D., T. Williamson T. & Price A. (2014) “Engaging students and staff with enterprise education: good practice and support”, Higher Education Academy (HEA) Employability Conference, London, 29th May.

Bozward D. (2014) “European youth portal and new media programme” China-EU High Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD) – Second Round Beijing, 6th September.

Bozward D. (2013) “General Rapporteur Session” EU-China seminar on Youth entrepreneurship, Brussels, 25th -27th November.

Bozward D. (2013) Enterprise Alliance Consultation Report – Future Sustainability of Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship Support within Universities. Enterprise Alliance. 15th November.

Bozward D. (2013) “Peer Led Student Enterprise Development – Research and Framework Update” Poster IEEC, Sheffield, 11th – 13th September.

Bozward D., Penwarden B. & Depinay J.M. (2013) “Identifying key drivers for growth and development in student-led groups with a focus on enterprise/ entrepreneurship in Higher/ Further Education Institutions” ISBE. Cardiff, 12th – 13th November.

Bozward D. (2012) “Sales techniques needed to start a business” National Student Enterprise Conference, Aston University, 18th – 19th February.

Bozward, D. (2011) The Motivated Entrepreneur. Birmingham. Available from: http://david.bozward.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/The-Motivated-Entreprenuer_v1.pdf

Bozward, D. & Sodergren, D. (2010) Make Your Passion A Success. Birmingham. Available from: http://www.makeyourpassionasuccess.com/

Bozward D. (2010) “How do you engage with students?” International Conference on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Cardiff, 1st – 3rd September.

Bozward D. (2009) “Creating a Flying Start Workshop” International Conference on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Edinburgh, 2nd – 4th September.

Bozward D.V., Priyanto T., & Brewster R.L. (1995) “Investigation of Intra-cellular Toriodal Sectorisation in a DS-CDMA Cellular System” Fifth IEE Conference on Telecommunications, Brighton, 26-29th March.

Bozward D.V., Brewster R.L. (1994) “Variable Chip Duration Spread Spectrum Modulation” IEE Colloquium on Spread Spectrum techniques for radio communication systems, London, 15th April.

Bozward D.V., Brewster R.L. (1993) “Techniques to Improve the Capacity of a DS-CDMA System” IEE Colloquium on Spread Spectrum techniques for radio communication systems, London, 27th April.

Bozward D.V., Brewster R.L. (1993) “Efficient Optical Code Division Multiple Access Local Area Networks” European Optical Conference, Berlin, 6th April.



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