Amazing Entrepreneurs we have forgotten

Sometimes we forget that we humans just continue to do the same thing over and over again. The old adage “Nothing is new under the sun” always comes to mind. So every now and again I need just to remind myself of this fact that there are Amazing Entrepreneurs we have forgotten.

Even with the internet, fastest ever broadband, mobile phones and instant everything, there are many before us who just; firstly made this possible for us and secondly also had it all.

Lets look at five I admire.

Matthew Boulton, Entrepreneurial Manufacturer

Born: 3 September 1728

Birth Place: Birmingham, West Midlands UK

Industry: Entrepreneurial Manufacturer

Matthew Boulton Carl Frederik von Breda 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of All Time








Richard Trevithick, Steam Engine

Born: 13 April 1771

Birth Place: Tregajorran, Cornwall, England

Industry: Inventor, mining engineer

Influence: Pioneered Steam Engine



Isambard Kingdom Brunel,

Entrepreneurial Engineer

Born: 9 April 1806

Birth Place: Portsmouth, UK

Industry: Civil & Structural Engineering



Andrew Carnegie

andrew carnegie 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of All Time Born: 25th November, 1835

Birth Place: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, UK

Industry: Steel Tycoon

Influence: Pioneered many manufacturing processes.


Anita Roddick

Anita Roddick 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of All Time Born: 23 October 1942

Birth Place: Littlehampton, UK

Industry: cosmetics

Influence: Green Product Pioneer.


So today spend some time thinking about these amazing Entrepreneurs we have forgotten and how people still have the same needs, wants and needs for us Entrepreneurs to make or sell them products and services.